7 Unique Places to Take a Woman on a Date | Impress a Girlfriend

"Seven Unique Places to Take a Woman on a Date"

If you really want to impress a woman, stray away from the traditional dating scene and take her some place unique. Many different date options are sure to impress her and leave a lasting impression. For example, try taking her on a horse-drawn carriage ride. She will feel as though she stepped straight into a fairytale. Women love to feel like a princess so pamper her with a luxurious ride through a beautiful park. This will give the two of you plenty of time to talk and cuddle close.

If you are dating a woman that loves sports, take her to an event such as extreme sports - sky diving, skateboarding, and bike tricks. This will surely impress her and the date will be a memorable one. For a romantic experience, try taking her horseback riding just before sunset. If you know the perfect place to stop, you can horseback ride to a remote location where you can enjoy cheese, cracks, and wine for a romantic picnic at sunset.

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Seven Unique Places to Take a Woman on a Date

Her heart will melt at the effort that you put into making the date a special one for her. Once again, this makes her feel as though you treasure her, like a princess.

If you can swing it financially, try booking unknown flights to an unknown destination - just pack your bag and go. She is sure to appreciate your spontaneity. Taking off to an unknown destination is a romantic gesture that will have her talking for months, or years at a time. She is sure to remember the effort that you made to make your date a unique and memorable one. If you are not big on the unknown, try renting a cottage for a weekend away from the noise and stress of daily life. The two of you can enjoy the solidarity and get to know one another better.

If she is the type of woman that is creative, suggest taking a cooking class together or even a finger painting class. This is a fun and unique date idea that she will absolutely love. It shows her that you are willing to try new things and that you like her enough to try something that she enjoys doing. You are certain to win her heart over with any of these unique dating ideas. She will feel as though you truly care about her and that you are willing to do things just to make her feel special.

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